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Foundation Value 


Federal grants account for 500 billion dollars spent annually to public held companies in the United States. At Falcon Foundation UAS we are positioned well to assist in obtaining grants through the authorized grants program and to monitor the resources to stay abreast of emerging new technologies within aerospace specifically unmanned aircraft systems. We team has a combined 80 years of legislative experience and are committed to identifying grant opportunities, working to draft and edit grant submissions and provide oversight through the entire process. We are engaging through our extensive contacts list of government agencies and legislative affairs.

Lawmakers are committed to helping on local and national concerns our business is to give your particular cause a larger voice. Congressionally directed spending accounts the majority of spending, by contacting legislative members our team helps to put a face on the grant petition and facilitates meetings on behalf of the public. Grant spending will continue to be allocated in transportation for airspace integration, performance, defense, conservation and security.

Falcon Foundation has guided clients through this process providing them a path to success in the federal grant process. We provide from the beginning of the process until the end of the process solutions for clients. We identify the important details within the overall process, application, documentation, submission, awards and execution.