Unmanned Aircraft system Consultants

Falcon Team

  • Intelligence and Information
  • Lobbying and Advocacy
  • Compliance Counseling
  • Procurement
  • Financial R & D
  • Business Development
  • Establish as Thought Leaders


Falcon Foundation UAS team has experienced members with extensive experience in federal government in Aerospace & Defense working with industry partners, private equity sponsors and companies within the defense sector. Our focus is on strategic growth for our clients as well as completing the challenges of research. Our speciality areas are energy, unmanned aircraft systems, aerospace, aeronautics, aviation, cyber security, and transportation.

We work to provide research opportunities within the the many stages of research and grants. Our team has worked with government agencies and legislators to gain confidence in demonstrations of technology that will help to provide solutions for our clients. We can provide subject matter experts, test-driven design solutions, engineering analysis in manufacturing addressing costs, quality, and the time it takes to turn the design into a product for aerospace and defense markets in agency and private sector partnering. We provide written documentation and communication between DARs, DERs, SMEs, technicians, management and clients providing assistance in the construction of federal grants, proposals, user guides, checklists, documentation and training manuals.


Falcon Value