Unmanned Aircraft system Consultants

Rob is a current 3rd generation commercial licensed pilot, born into a family of general aviation pilots who have operated as a repair, inspection and certification station for +70 years. Rob has a passion for technology and anything that flies, as a pilot selection developer he researched and designed pilot training systems, air traffic management systems for general aviation aircraft including special projects for small turbine aircraft during ISR operations. 

Rob was first introduced to technology at an early age programming on early computers at the age of 5 in the very early 80s. He grew up at a general aviation airport spending most of his free time working with his father and grandfather on aircraft. 

Aviation as a framework for Rob's life has played a key part in his many contacts within aerospace through the flying community. Rob has flown over 75 different general aviation aircraft from a Douglas DC-3 to a Piper J-3 Cub, including vintage aircraft such as a 1936 Lockheed Electra Junior identical to Amelia Earhart's and the North American T-6 Harvard retired from the New Zealand Air Force.

Rob also has a technical writing background preparing white papers, technical guides and proposals for one of the first small UAS defense contractors established in 1993. He then worked for a European aerospace company as a senior technical writer, creating user guides, technical specifications, inventory documentation and federal compliance documentation for certification of aircraft parts.

Rob is currently an advocate on UAS policy and a technical consultant to industries and associations entering the UAS market. Rob has moderated and spoken on panels concerning UAS integration into the National Airspace System, security, mapping and human factors of pilots. Rob is also an adjunct professor in the Virginia Community College System, instructing in the safe practices of UAS. As a social media influencer he stays abreast of current UAS news and regulatory issues including Par 21, 23, 61 & 107 certification. Rob received his Part 107 remote operators licensed on August 29th 2016.

Rob's past projects for research and innovation include: flight instrument haptic sensing, infrared runway traffic signals, pilot selection process, positive attributes of pilots, application development, unmanned aircraft vehicles, advanced display systems, robotics, wearables, 3D printing, data collection, aircraft certification,maintenance, inspection and sensors.

Rob has a Master of Science in Technical and Scientific Communication (2013) and a Bachelor of Individual Studies in Aviation Technology (2010) both from James Madison University of Harrisonburg, Va. 

Rob Thompson